Azelis and Merck reach a new distribution agreemen

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Azelis and Merck have reached a new distribution agreement in Vietnam

azelis and Merck have reached a new distribution agreement in Vietnam

April 16, 2020

azelis distributes Merck's complete production record of high-performance materials in case (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) and industrial chemicals in Vietnam. The F2 product series includes energy-saving vehicles and electric vehicles, wind turbines and hydrogen and natural gas storage tanks

this partnership is an extension of the existing distribution agreement between azelis and Merck in other countries/regions

Merck's product portfolio of high-performance materials includes pigments, active ingredients and high-quality chemical raw material coatings. The agreement emphasizes azelis' commitment to organic growth with its major partners in the Asia Pacific region. The cooperation between Merck and azelis began in 1968 and was later acquired by azelis. Over the years, the partnership between azelis and Merck in Europe has been expanding. Vietnam is the latest country added to this list

"important assets of azelis Vietnam"

Laurent nataf, CEO and President of azelis Asia Pacific region, said: "Merck performance materials' high-quality products will become an important asset of azelis Vietnam, enabling us to provide innovative and customized solutions for customers' entire horizontal value chain. Our dedicated application laboratory in Vietnam will play a key role, enabling us to provide customers with support for innovative concepts, thereby shortening their product launch time and helping them become and maintain market leaders in their industry Guide. We also need to pay more attention to the protection, maintenance and daily cleaning of equipment, and constantly strive to become the world's first important means of survival and a reliable partner. "

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