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In 2020, Japan's printing output value faces challenges

in terms of the printing market and the market environment related to the printing media, Japan's printing industry has experienced major changes, such as long-term economic stagnation, the popularity of various information media, the declining birth rate and social aging. 2. It is the improvement of support policies and the great earthquake in eastern Japan in 2011. Such severe environmental changes have led to the depression of the printing market, and this trend will continue. According to the industrial statistics made by government departments, the business volume of printing enterprises with more than 4 employees in 2011 decreased by 7.5% compared with the previous year, and the output value decreased to 5.6 trillion yen

according to the Research Report of Japan printing industry alliance, the trading volume of Japan's printing market will drop from 7.9 trillion yen in 2010 to 7.4 trillion yen in 2020, a decrease of 6% over 2010

2. Challenges faced by the printing industry

printing companies that fail because they cannot adapt to market changes will continue to appear. There has been constant debate about the reform of industrial business model and innovative actions to adapt to the wear and tear of valves and oil cylinders with digital and electronic media as the core; At the same time, various related activities are being carried out

II. Japan's printing machinery market

1. Trading situation in 2012

compared with the previous year, the total production of printing machinery and equipment decreased by 2.1%, and the output value fell to 157.3 billion yen. The output value is less than half of that before Lehman. Compared with last year, the total export volume of printing equipment decreased by 11.9%, and the amount of foreign exchange decreased to 133.3 billion yen. The decline in exports to Europe and East Asia, including China and South Korea, has had a huge impact on Japan's printing equipment exports. Looking at the output value of different carton compression testing machines and wanting to buy a suitable type of printing machinery products, the printing equipment decreased by 2.7%, the plate making equipment by 3.3%, the book binding equipment increased by 2.2%, and the paper processing equipment increased by 0.8%. The printing industry is affected by the market depression in all aspects, including production and export

2. Outlook from 2013 to 2014

the Japanese market will continue to take a cautious wait-and-see attitude towards capital injection. This trend stems from the unstable demand for print media brought about by the sluggish economy and the diversification of information media. However, the capital investment in some special fields is active, such as the investment in improving the efficiency of printing production process and environmental safety

in overseas markets, we see that in some rising countries, including Southeast Asian countries, their markets are very active. The economies of North America and Western Europe seem to be recovering from their worst. These conditions mainly depend on the overall level of the company, which is considered to be a positive factor, and we are looking forward to economic recovery. The recent situation of the yen foreign exchange trading market is also encouraging for Japanese manufacturers. In such a market environment, Japan's printing machinery manufacturing industry is increasingly looking forward to the demand of China's printing industry

III. Japan International Printing Exhibition 2013 (jgas2013)

Japan International Printing Exhibition 2013 will be held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from October 2 to October 5, with an exhibition period of 4 days. Nippon International Printing Exhibition 2013 is an international exhibition. Its positioning is not limited to the Japanese market, but also includes the international market, especially the Asian market. This exhibition will be the fourth

the theme of this exhibition is printing + (printing + other) new challenges of printing media! According to this theme, Nippon international printing exhibition will give advice on + (+ others) through printing technology innovation, method improvement, response to electronic media and new business expansion. The main activities include keynote speeches directly related to business operations, panel discussions, and seminars covering issues of concern to exhibitors. Relevant pre press/pre media production, printing equipment, post press, paper processing equipment, printing related materials, new products, new technologies and services of external equipment will be brought together. In addition, the exhibition will also set up theme exhibition areas related to packaging and printing, market, software and applications

the exhibition will organize key visits of thousands of people. Special visiting activities for overseas visitors will also be held at the same time. As a comprehensive activity of the printing industry, the 2013 Nippon international printing exhibition will display new equipment, new technology and services. At the same time, it will also provide exchange opportunities for business activities

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