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Beijing printing market is gathering advantageous enterprises

Beijing Shengtong Printing Co., Ltd. undertakes to print about 200 kinds of color periodicals, and a large number of printing semi-finished products of color periodicals are orderly stacked in the production workshop of the company

in Beijing, the structure of the printing industry, dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises and mainly by price competition, has been changing for a long time. In the fields of high-end books, color periodicals and security printing, the printing market is gradually concentrating on a few advantageous enterprises. Ren Yucheng, President of Beijing Printing Association, explained the new trends in the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry in Beijing at the 2012 Council meeting of Beijing Printing Association held on January 13. More than 100 people from China Printing Technology Association, China printing and equipment industry association, Beijing Publishing Bureau, Beijing Printing Association, printing experts and Beijing printing enterprises attended the meeting

the industry structure by means of price competition is changing

Beijing is a high-density area for publication printing, with many printing enterprises, excess printing capacity, and fierce source competition. The printing price set in 1994 is in vain in the industry by means of price competition. However, in recent years, under the guidance of various national policies, in the process of transformation and upgrading of the printing industry and enterprises, the advantages of advantageous enterprises have become increasingly obvious, and the effect of the national policy of supporting the excellent and limiting the inferior has become clearer and clearer. This is evidenced by the statistical data of the printing industry in Beijing

statistics show that the printing industry in Beijing has achieved a main business income of 21.52 billion yuan in the past 10 years. Among them, the main business income of publication printing is 9.61 billion yuan, the main business income of packaging and decoration printing enterprises is 8.64 billion yuan, and the main business income of other printing is 2.9 billion yuan. A total of 36 enterprises in the city have a main business income of more than 100 million yuan. According to the data, there were 1684 printing enterprises in Beijing in 2010. Among them, there are 670 publication printing enterprises, 246 packaging and decoration printing enterprises, 180 special printing enterprises and 588 other printing enterprises

Ren Yucheng said that the industry structure dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises and price competition as the main means is changing. Judging from the situation in Beijing, the main business income of the dominant enterprises, which account for 20% of the total number of enterprises, accounts for 80% of the main business income of all enterprises. The statistical data confirms the development trend of the printing industry and the correctness of the government's policy guidance

high end books, color periodicals, and security printing are concentrated in advantageous enterprises

according to the statistics of Beijing Printing Association, printing fields such as high-end books, color periodicals, and security printing are gradually concentrated in a few advantageous enterprises. Ren Yucheng said that the main reason for this change is that some printing enterprises have gradually achieved transformation and upgrading

according to Ren Yucheng, there are about 700 color periodicals printed in Beijing. At present, these 700 kinds of periodicals are printed in 45 enterprises mainly engaged in book printing, such as Beijing Shengtong Printing Co., Ltd., Lifeng Accor Great Wall Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Haotian Guocai Printing Co., Ltd. At present, security printing products are also basically concentrated in Beijing Donggang Security Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongrong Security Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing inor Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Chaoyang Printing Co., Ltd., etc. High end books are concentrated in Beijing Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Yachang Printing Co., Ltd. and other enterprises

he said that the trend of printing movable parts to concentrate on large enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. Under the guidance of the government's policy of supporting excellence and restricting, this trend will continue, and will eventually promote the wider and deeper transformation and upgrading of Beijing's printing industry

there is no fixed mode for enterprise transformation and upgrading

after experiencing a process from a sharp decline to a slight recovery, China's printing industry has never been able to get rid of the dilemma of overcapacity and meager profits. At present, the printing industry in Beijing is also expected to have a rapid development in demand for peek, which is facing many difficulties, such as rising raw material and labor costs, low labor prices, and the impact of electronic publishing on the printing of paper publications

refitting of various experimental research machines used for Aerospace Science and technology research and new technology demonstration and verification Ren Yucheng believes that in order to get rid of the dilemma of low status of printing enterprises, only by realizing the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry can we achieve the sustainable and healthy development of the whole industry. Focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry, 2012 and even the future will be a period of challenges and opportunities

he said that transformation and upgrading is a systematic project. The policy orientation of technological progress, scientific management, energy conservation and emission reduction, and green printing is the general direction of industry transformation and upgrading. In this general direction, the actions of enterprises can be diverse. Enterprises' transformation of development mode and Realization of intensive management and sustainable development are the basis of industry transformation and upgrading. The business model of the enterprise includes how to adjust the product structure and how to position the market. It is affected by many factors, such as talent, technology, capital, management philosophy, corporate culture and so on. Therefore, there is no fixed model and a prescription to cure all diseases. As an association, in the new year, we should fully coordinate the members of the association, and provide enterprises with structure adjustment, market positioning, intensive management, efficiency improvement, consultation and services in accordance with the guidance of government policies

green printing and digital printing will go hand in hand

there is a data that makes people in the printing industry very nervous. According to China publishing news, in 2010, the sales revenue of Shanghai's digital publishing industry exceeded 22billion yuan. Among them, the publishing sales revenue is 1billion yuan; The sales revenue of Luowen publishing is 550 million yuan, which continues to lead the country; In the traditional publishing field, digital publishing achieved a sales revenue of 830 million yuan; Digital printing enterprises achieved sales revenue of more than 3 billion yuan; The publishing of online games is 12.5 billion yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the national market share

the figure of 22billion yuan is higher than the printing output value of Beijing in 2010 (21.52 billion yuan). If the digital publishing industry develops at this speed, where will the traditional printing industry go? Ren Yucheng said that the development of digital technology, especially after the emergence of network media, has a faster impact on traditional printing than people think

however, for the printing industry, there is no retreat in the face of the surge of digital, and some enterprises are already committed to digital printing. Ren Yucheng introduced that an enterprise has been doing business in Beijing for several years, and its sales revenue has reached 80million yuan. It has a certain scale. They plan to combine digital printing with traditional printing, use the equipment of the original enterprise for traditional printing, and invest funds to explore digital printing, and solve the problem of short edition printing of publishing houses through the platform of digital printing

Ren Yucheng pointed out that the future trend is that traditional printing enterprises should adapt to the market demand of small batch and multiple varieties, and green printing should keep pace with digital printing, which is probably a very important link in promoting green printing in China

when it comes to green printing, the biggest headache for enterprises is still the certification fee. In this regard, Ren Yucheng said that at present, the association communicates with relevant government departments to find ways to save certification costs for enterprises as much as possible. He said: enterprises can invite professional institutions to give lectures and experts to review the application materials of green certification, just like bidding. This will not cost much, but it will achieve the same effect. At the same time, it will also reduce the burden on enterprises, and strive for more enterprises to obtain green printing certification in 2012

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