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Printing o2o cloud printing received 50million yuan of financing. The investor did not disclose the release date: Source: Internet editor: China Packaging browsing times: 644 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: Zhang Jun, the founder of cloud printing technology, announced that he had obtained a round of 50million yuan of financing. The investor did not disclose it. Prior to this, yunyin technology received an angel round financing of 10million yuan from danen venture capital and other joint investments in November 2013

[China Packaging News] Zhang Jun, the founder of cloud printing technology, announced that he had obtained a round of 50million yuan financing, which was not disclosed by the investor. Prior to this, yunyin technology received an angel round financing of 10million yuan from danen venture capital and other joint investments in November 2013

the printing industry has indeed been ignored by capital. There are four main reasons: first, the social background, the printing industry has declined in recent years; Second, the environmental background, books and commercial printing in many cities have been listed as high pollution industries; Third, the market background, the decline of traditional media directly affects the survival of printing companies; Fourth, the emergence of intelligent devices and 3D printers has a direct impact on the printing industry. Therefore, the price competition in the traditional printing industry led to the bank, but at the same time, we need to ensure that the user safety industry has always been low-end, and the capital market does not pay attention to it

founded in August 2013, cloud printing technology is committed to building a personalized printing o2o enterprise by providing in services for users. It relies on app and PC terminals to build Taobao shopping displays and processes online, and sets up offline experience stores to carry brands while cultivating users' consumption habits and consumption scenes. Finally, it wants to transform the traditional printing industry through online and offline integration

Zhang Jun said that the biggest problem in the traditional printing industry is the asymmetry between user needs and users' understanding of the printing industry information. Users do not understand professional printing knowledge, and practitioners in the printing industry cannot clearly interpret the needs of users. Printing has always been sold as a commodity, and the concept of printing service has always been ignored; Due to asymmetric information, users will encounter high prices, poor service experience, poor quality, delivery delays, etc

specifically, at present, in the national end market, the price of each box of ordinary coated paper business cards is 30 yuan, and the price of two boxes of special paper business cards is more than 60 yuan. Even so, problems such as low product quality, stolen grams of paper, the use of inferior ink and auxiliary materials, serious color difference and so on are everywhere. There are no professional tools for the production and transmission of documents, and problems of misprinting, missing printing and information leakage of private documents occur from time to time. On the user side, when they go to the offline traditional print shop or traditional e-commerce station, they encounter a lot of professional terms, such as paper, process, size, specification, various parameters in pieces, and they have no choice, or the choice takes a very long time. In the traditional value chain, there is a traditional intermediary model between factories and users. Offline traditional stores, disc merchants, speculators and advertising companies, with intermediary gross profit as high as%. The factory is facing huge market competition, and there is no profit, so it can only continuously reduce the product quality; The traditional printing shop, on the surface, has made high profits, but because of the store rent and high labor costs on the street, it basically works for the landlord, and its living condition is in jeopardy

cloud printing takes business cards as the starting point, goes deep into the printing industry, and redefines new business cards, new designs, new services, new processes, new materials, and new prices in an interconnected manner. The golden ratio of 90mm*54mm is adopted in the design size. The formwork is designed once, and users can use it for life

in this new product launch, yunyin launched two series: new business cards, high-quality business cards that are often worn and damaged on the desk, and 300g high-quality classic coated paper covered with dumb film; The new business card Pro is a textured business card that shows identity. It uses three kinds of high-end special paper: cloth paper, Dutch white paper and antique paper. The price is lifelong, that is, a box of new business cards (100 pieces) costs only 8 yuan, and each additional box costs 3.8 yuan; Two boxes (200 pieces) of Pro version of new business cards only cost 26.8 yuan, and each additional box costs 5.8 yuan

from my experience, you need to register an account number to open the cloud printing PC. during the registration process, there is a filling service. The solution to the instability of the pointer rotation of the force sensor of the hydraulic universal testing machine is to number it. Its function is to obtain tracking rewards and concessions in the follow-up; After the registration information is completed, the station does not jump to the home page; The experience of product selection is similar to the purchase mode of Taobao. Select products to enter the shopping cart - confirm order information - place an order and pay - upload files. Its distribution methods include third-party logistics, door-to-door self delivery, and multiple distribution, without freight. Special users with accumulated consumption of more than 50000 yuan in 3 months can apply to become monthly settlement users

cloud printing said that China prints 1million business cards every day, and the annual output value of business cards exceeds 10billion. The cloud printing platform has served more than 100000 users and printed more than 100million business cards for one year since it was launched. Although the domestic traditional printing industry is stagnant, there is a big market for small business cards. In foreign countries, large printing companies have existed for many years, such as Japanese Toms company, Canadian gildan company, American fabric printing company, etc. And printing is just needed. With the rise of the emerging printing industry and the marketing means of cross-border operation, coupled with the media attribute of the printing industry itself, it is reasonable that the printing industry is gradually favored by capital

in fact, printing but the two transmission modes have their own disadvantages: the former requires regular lubrication. O2o has actually attracted capital attention in 2014. Yiou has also checked eight domestic printing o2o enterprises according to China's o2o industry map. In addition to cloud printing technology, there are evergreen Jianhao, Phoenix printing, sunshine printing, map modification, image printing school, HP Kazan fish and Jiayin. With the promotion of many players and the market, and the change of users' consumption habits and lifestyle, the entrepreneurial model of the printing industry will attract more and more attention

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