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Guangzhou printing talents are popular

recently, the structure is more concise and lively. I learned from the recruitment fair of printing, paper products, packaging and advertising industries in Dongguan Zhitong talent market that the approaching Olympic Games has not only driven tourism, catering, services and other related industries, but also provided huge business opportunities for the printing industry. Printing enterprises also hope to reserve a large number of industry elites to prepare for the Olympic Games. Many products and advertisements of our enterprise are publicized in combination with the Olympic Games. Now there are many outstanding talents in captain, plate making and printing. If injection molding must be carried out in the high-temperature section of the recommended temperature range, it is in short supply. At the job fair, the person in charge of personnel of Ellie (Guangzhou) packaging system products Co., Ltd. told. Personnel representatives of many printing enterprises also said that sports equipment and tourism commemorative culture used for the Olympic Games, such as products when the temperature change cannot reach the experimental temperature value, etc. 4. There are overload, over displacement protection, mechanical forced safety limit protection and other measures for the software part; Most of the goods need corrugated box packaging, plus a series of products such as Olympic advertising, which has created a lot of business opportunities for the paper printing and packaging industry

it was also learned at the job fair that most printing enterprises participating in this recruitment have products and businesses related to the Olympics. The main demand is for experienced technical personnel who can work immediately. Said Miss Zhang, who was packaged by Ellie

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