Safety precautions for handling blast furnace faul

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Safety precautions for handling blast furnace faults

① furnace wall nodules are usually treated by explosion. Explosive mines are class I dangerous goods, and the relevant provisions of the blasting safety regulations should be strictly observed. Since the blast hole is burned with oxygen and the inside is red, water should be used to cool the blast hole before putting the explosive bag to prevent it from exploding in advance

② because the bottom of the small blast furnace is very close to the tuyere, the structure is not firm enough. After being decelerated by the deceleration system, the small blast furnace rises and falls through the ball screw pair with the beam, and the hearth burn through has the possibility of load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load ⑵ point extension diagram. The main symptoms of hearth burnout are:

A. sudden reduction of iron tapping

b. the outlet water temperature of the hearth cooling water tank rises sharply

c. the surface temperature of the hearth steel shell rises suddenly, which has the characteristics of high stability, convenient operation, simple protection and even redness

d. there is a large amount of gas escaping from the ground near the hearth, even steam

when the hearth is found to have signs of burning through, the following measures should be taken:

a. reduce the smelting intensity and convert to casting pig iron, in order to promote the deposition of a large amount of graphite carbon to protect the brick lining

b. increase the pressure of cooling water, strengthen cooling, and spray water on local surfaces when necessary

c. increase the tapping times and reduce the static pressure of molten iron in the hearth

d. temporarily close the air vent and slag opening above this part to reduce the activity nearby

e. high pressure changed to normal pressure; F remove the ponding and garbage on the furnace foundation platform, cut off or transform the water pipe, gas pipe, oxygen pipe and oil pipe passing through the furnace foundation. If the route cannot be changed, the wall can be built for protection, and the ground is paved with yellow sand for protection

③ furnace cooling is serious. If it is not handled in time, or even handled incorrectly, it will cause the furnace rainbow to freeze. In the process of freezing and rescuing the hearth, there are many people on the hearth, and the red slag liquid will flow around the hearth from the tuyere and slag mouth. The oxygen leather pipes are pulled and put in many places, which is very prone to personal accidents. Therefore, the organization and leadership should be strengthened in the rescue process of 29.42

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