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Safety precautions and measures for high slope construction

1. Safe measures for the surrounding environment of the site:

the next large-scale construction of high slope, use a variety of mechanical equipment, add slope protection, and form a cross construction site. With the construction progress, part of the reinforcement and other items will be cleared out, which may cause local old people to pick them up (we can't open this head, but it's hard to control at the beginning), This will increase the risk status of on-site construction, so it is necessary to relatively prevent non construction staff from entering the garden and increase construction risks and disturbances. Measures should be taken to place staff custody, and warning signs should be set at both ends of the road (risk! Prevent unauthorized people from entering and passing)

2. Attentions of construction machinery and operators:

all construction machinery and equipment must have no missing mechanical functions, especially the braking and steering parts, which should be maintained frequently and should not work with diseases. When the truck goes downhill (if it is a one-way street), the vehicle waiting for the uphill slope should leave enough effective road surface for the other party, so as to prevent the truck from losing control due to braking performance when it goes downhill. After work, all kinds of equipment must be parked in an'enron position, and night care should be strengthened

operators should follow the operating procedures of their own equipment, follow the Enron code, work with certificates, prevent drunk operation, and prevent unlicensed driving of various machinery and equipment (if this phenomenon is found, the parties on both sides will be fined 50 yuan each time)

3. Precautions for Slope Construction:

before construction, perfect drainage measures or drainage measures should be taken first. The excavator must withdraw the signal before taking measures. No one is allowed to work or walk within the working radius of the excavator. When excavating or dumping soil, the equipment can be started only when there are no people and obstructions within the risk range (including whether there are wires above). When there is a road under the spoil, special personnel should be placed to take care of it, Prevent rotating loose stones from hurting people

the on-site construction management staff should pay attention to the modification of the slope at all times to prevent the occurrence of "collapse" or "landslide". Another reason why the internal test should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements specified in the construction drawings and construction plans during the construction is to improve the process control

when the bulldozer is working on the slope, the slope angle of the cross slope shovel shall not exceed 25, the slope angle shall not exceed 30, and sharp turns on the slope are not allowed

it is pointed out that the sandwich material composed of organic and inorganic materials (hereinafter referred to as organic and inorganic composites) shall not be constructed on the high slope in rainy days according to the requirements of the project office

4. Requirements for construction staff:

1. Mechanical operators, electricians, welders and other professional types of work must work with certificates. It is required to set personnel and posts for equipment, and strictly follow the operating procedures of this type of work

2. Employees must put the implementation of resource and environment resignation audit on leading cadres in the first place during construction, and all construction equipment must not be tampered with, especially electrical measures. When escorting objects and materials to high places, you should first repair the right and way, and leave space between people up and down to prevent slipping and falling. You should wear a safety helmet when entering the homework area, and wear a safety belt when climbing. If you cannot wear a safety belt, you should set up a task platform, set up guardrails, and wear soft bottom anti slip shoes. When handling the lifting appliance and escorting the information, it is necessary to bind it securely. The promoted ancestors should withdraw to the safe position to prevent the lifting objects from falling. The upper and lower staff should contact clearly and accurately, often stop checking the lifting appliance, and deal with the results in time. During the construction around the vegetation forest, all staff shall prevent smoking and shall not wear slippers

3. Power and safety precautions

the mountain line and on-site power consumption should be set with standards to prevent the use of wires instead of cables when dragging the sky. The handheld electrical appliances should be one machine, one switch and one leakage. The switch box should be locked with a door, controlled by a specially assigned person. The lighting wire should not be directly tied to the pole, and should be protected with insulators. The main power supply and lock box should be closed after work

there should be fire prevention measures and measures for electric and gas welding when they are close to vegetation and woods

4. Safety matters of drilling rig task platform

the drilling rig task platform should be set up safely, there should be a task platform on the platform, and the same instructions should be given during assembly or displacement to coordinate together

the interface of high-pressure air duct or feeding and grouting pipe should be contacted safely, and often checked and maintained. During the task, the staff should be as far away from the interface as possible, and all equipment and materials should be stored in the safe area

5. The slope protection construction team should have full-time or part-time Enron personnel to inspect and supervise the normal tasks of the site, often stop Enron education for construction staff, and keep a record of Enron activities

June 6, 2003

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