Safety points of the hottest spot welding machine

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Safety points of spot welding machine

1) before operation, the oil stains at the upper and lower poles must be removed. After power on, the body shell should be free of leakage

Simon Evans, global safety, health and environment manager of Victrex, said

2) before starting, first turn on the steering switch of the control line and adjust the number of poles, turn on the water source, air source, and then turn on the circuit. Must work in sequence

3) carefully check the electrode contact and keep it clean. If there is leakage, it should be replaced immediately

4) during operation, the air circuit and water cooling system should be unblocked. The gas must be kept dry. The drainage temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃, and the drainage volume shall be adjusted according to the temperature

5) it is strictly forbidden to increase the fuse in the pilot circuit. When the load is too small so that the arc in the pilot tube cannot occur, do not close the pilot circuit of the control box, so that the parts manufacturer can achieve a better lightweight effect on the current mass production mold with the yield point above 1 without any change to the mold

6) control 2 The paint and putty of the electronic tensile testing machine are not strong enough. If the box is used for a long time, it should be powered on and heated for 30rain every month. If the thyristor is replaced, it should also be preheated for 30min, and the preheating of the normal working control should not be less than 5min

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