Safety operation skills of the hottest production

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Production process safety operation skills

plastic door and window products are new building door and window products developed under the support of national industrial policies. In petrochemical plants, fire and explosion prevention is the top priority. This plant, especially the reactor, may cause major fire accidents because of any factor that may cause the pressure and temperature to fluctuate greatly

the process indicators formulated by each process, each post and each equipment in petrochemical production are the reflection of objective laws in safety production. Therefore, strictly control and implement the process indicators, carefully implement the safety technical operation procedures, timely analyze and correctly deal with the distinction between brand-name products and 3 non products lies in the price and performance, and distinguish the abnormal conditions in production, which can lose no time to eliminate various factors that may lead to fire and explosion

for example, controlling the reaction temperature of the reactor and properly solving the failure of the pressure testing machine: the reaction depth of can not only stabilize the production, stabilize the operation of subsequent posts and improve the product quality, but also is necessary for fire and explosion prevention. Too high temperature and too fast temperature regulation will cause severe reaction and pressure rise. If the temperature rises and falls too fast, it will also cause sharp changes in the expansion or contraction of various parts of the equipment and fastening equipment caused by sudden temperature changes, which will damage the equipment. If the temperature is too low, the reaction speed will slow down or the reaction will stop. Once the temperature returns to normal, the reaction will be violent due to too much reaction materials, resulting in overheating, overpressure and even explosion. In petrochemical production, under most circumstances, the operation is under pressure. According to a certain operating pressure, the strength of the selected equipment is also certain, so when it is not controlled properly, overpressure operation will cause equipment damage or even explosion when the equipment exceeds the strength it can bear

in order to effectively prevent overtemperature, overpressure and overload, safety interlocking automatic control technologies such as automatic analysis, automatic adjustment, automatic alarm, automatic shutdown, automatic discharge and automatic power cut-off should be adopted as far as possible, so that the process can be handled automatically and quickly in case of sudden changes in process indicators, which is an important measure to prevent fire and explosion. The production site with high risk of fire and explosion should be equipped with automatic alarms for combustible gas, toxic and harmful gas, so that the danger can be found and eliminated in time

in daily production, the following production principles and regulations should be kept in mind and strictly implemented:

1 strictly control the reaction temperature, pressure, high pressure, liquid level of circulating hydrogen desulfurization tower and other key parameters of the hydrogen system, and be highly vigilant against the occurrence of over temperature, over pressure, high pressure and low pressure accidents

2 strictly implement the principle of increasing the volume first and then the temperature, and reducing the temperature first and then the volume

3 strictly implement the regulations on the speed of temperature rise and temperature drop, pressure rise and pressure drop of start-up and shutdown equipment

4 strictly implement the regulations on no-load starting of reciprocating compressor

5 strictly implement the provisions of steam sweeping for 10 minutes before the ignition of the heating furnace

6 the interlock of hydrocracking unit shall not change the control scheme, modify the control parameters or cut off arbitrarily; When the instrument workers have to deal with the important instruments of the self-protection system, they must obtain the consent of the Department's personnel on duty or relevant management personnel, formulate a plan, and go to the site before they can proceed

7 strictly implement the relevant technical regulations on air tightness, replacement, steam extraction, gas extraction, heat exchanger operation, etc

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