Safety precautions for coal receiving work in the

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Safety precautions for coal receiving work in coking plant

2 thawing station shall not be operated by one person

3 the car dumper should check whether the cooling medium activity in the cooling tank is good. It should be equipped with accident switch, automatic decoupling device, overturning angle limit signal and switch, as well as the power-off switch when manually cleaning the carriage, and there should be brake

4 when the car dumper turns to 90, it is forbidden to clean the bottom of the car before the red signal light goes out, but the amorphous silicon semiconductor currently used has encountered a performance bottleneck. When the car overturns, no one is allowed to work or stay at its lower part and on both sides of the winch

5 travel limit switches and signal devices shall be set before and after the iron oxen of loaded and empty cars, and there shall be brake brakes

6 when towing with an iron bull, a movable car stopper shall be set on the track

7 it is strictly forbidden to get on and off the train when the carriage collides

8 screw coal unloader and chain bucket coal unloader shall be equipped with rail clamp

9 the screw of screw coal unloader and the chain bucket elevator of chain bucket coal unloader should be equipped with a well-known limit switch for lifting height due to the difficult structure of recovery

10 before the coal unloading machine leaves the carriage, it is forbidden for coal sweepers to work in the carriage

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