Safety precautions for construction in the hottest

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Safety precautions for winter construction

1. Strengthen the management of high-altitude fall prevention. Strengthen the protection of deep foundation pit walls, set observation points, observe the changes of slopes and adjacent buildings and structures at any time, find hidden dangers in time, and take effective measures to prevent collapse accidents; Effective protection must be carried out around the foundation pit, and obvious warning signs must be set; The weight limit plate for stacking materials shall be set around the foundation pit, and it is strictly forbidden to stack a large number of materials

2. Set eye-catching safety warning signs to prevent falling from height around the protective facilities. Protective sheds, protective railings and other protective facilities erected on the construction site must use stereotyped and instrumented safety protection facilities in accordance with the requirements of the standard for safety protection facilities in construction. If the distance between the scaffold and the building is too large to meet the requirements of the specification, safety protection measures shall be taken

3. Operators who climb the height must wear anti-skid shoes, protective gloves and other anti-skid and anti freezing measures, and correctly wear safety helmets and fasten safety belts as required

4. In case of severe weather such as rain and snow, the ponding and snow on the construction site shall be removed in time. It is strictly forbidden to forcibly organize construction operations in rainy, snowy and windy weather

5. For the demolition of scaffolds, safety and other protective facilities at the construction site, a strict internal review system should be implemented, in which the prices of aluminum, nickel and zinc are lower than their marginal cost, and they should not be demolished at will

6. Strengthen the education and training of winter construction safety, and do a good job in the technical disclosure of winter construction safety, so as to improve the prevention awareness of winter construction safety of employees

II. Fire disaster accidents

1. Strengthen fire safety education, especially in areas with inflammable and explosive substances, strengthen the education of operators on the prohibition of fireworks, strengthen fire management in all projects, and establish fire safety systems at all levels

2. Fire fighting facilities and equipment should be complete, intact and usable. Conduct a comprehensive inspection before winter

3. Strictly prevent electrical fire. It is forbidden to use electric stoves and electric tubes for heating and cooking in the living area, and it is forbidden to use self-made electric mattresses. The electric mattresses make the installation have two chucks, and the power should be cut off in time after use

4. Strengthen the unified management of heating in winter. The public heating facilities in the dormitory should be managed by a specially assigned person. It is strictly forbidden to use an electric stove or open fire for heating in the dormitory

III. anti freezing and anti-skid

1. Prevent the construction site and transportation roads from ponding and icing, resulting in potential safety hazards; When there is ice and snow on the scaffold and scaffold board, it should be removed before construction

2. Temporary water pipes on the construction site should be buried below the frozen soil layer or insulated with straw bags and other materials. The water tank should be drained before work

3. Professional electricians should be responsible for the installation, maintenance and management of electrical equipment. It is strictly forbidden for other personnel to dismantle or modify electrical circuits at will

4. It is strictly forbidden to use bare wires. More than three damaged cables must not be put into use. The damaged cables must be treated with waterproof insulating tape. The laying of cables should be anti smashing, anti rolling, and prevent the wires from freezing in ice and snow. After the heavy wind and snow, electrical lines should be checked to prevent electric shock accidents caused by cable disconnection and damage

5. Check the circuit pipelines at the construction site and living quarters, and replace the aging lines to ensure the safety of electricity use

(3) check the conclusion of the inspection report

6. The working surface should be cleaned in time after frost and snow. The temporary operation frame and edge protection facilities used must be checked and qualified by the safety management personnel before they can continue to be used, so as to prevent falling accidents caused by frost, snow and too slippery ground

7. Pay attention to the anti freezing and anti condensation safety of construction machinery and equipment. All construction machinery and equipment in use should be maintained in combination with routine maintenance for a change of season, and the fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, antifreeze and battery fluid suitable for the temperature in the cold season should be used. For the mechanical equipment that has been out of service for a long time, the water stored in the equipment and containers should be drained, and they should be checked one by one and recorded; For mechanical equipment in normal use, it is required to drain the water in the equipment after the work is completed and the equipment is shut down this year

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